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Are you looking to expand your team with top talent from an untapped market? Look no further! We provide a premier recruitment service that connects you with exceptional, skilled professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean. With a booming pool of talent, Latin America and the Caribbean is the perfect place to find the right fit for your organization's needs. >>Contact us today to get a quotation<<



  • Cost-effective solutions: Lower costs of living in Latin America and the Caribbean allow us to find high-quality talent at competitive rates, providing significant savings for your organization.
  • Bilingual candidates: Expand your company's reach and communication capabilities by hiring bilingual professionals fluent in both Spanish and English among other languages such as Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Arabic, etc.
  • Wide range of expertise: We specialize in recruiting talent across various industries, including Food, Retail & FMCG, Healthcare & Pharma, Social Media, IT, Telecom, Foreign Commerce, and Services sectors for clients in USA and Europe.
  • Wide range of roles: Remote, On-Site, or Hybrid which includes: 
    • Base roles (Jr., Analyst, CS, VA, Agents, Translators).
    • Mid roles (Supervisors, Coordinators, Ssr. Sr.)
    • Executive roles. (Head, Director, VP, Chief).
  • Cultural diversity: Diversify your team with professionals who bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a strong work ethic cultivated by their rich cultural backgrounds.

Imagine the growth and success your company can achieve by leveraging the diverse skills and expertise of top Latin American professionals. Our tailored recruitment process ensures that you find the perfect match for your organization's unique needs and culture.



  1. Customized candidate search: We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and find candidates with the right skills, experience, and cultural fit.
  2. Vetted professionals: Our rigorous selection process includes interviews, and skills assessments to ensure the highest quality candidates.
  3. Ongoing support: Our commitment to your success extends beyond the hiring process. We offer continued assistance with any issues that may arise, fostering a long-term partnership.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your organization with the best talent Latin America and the Caribbean has to offer. Get started today by contacting us for a free consultation and discover the difference our expert recruitment services can make for your business.

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Who we are

We are a digital consulting company with an abroad approach created with the vision of providing services that meet the growing challenges in Talent Management for companies (B2B) and for individuals (B2C) with the aim that both actors (companies and individuals) can compete into the demanding goods and services world trade.

Our Team


Estefanía Briceño

CEO / Talent Consultant / Coach

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César Barrios

IT Consultant


Have questions about working with us? These frequently asked questions may help:

There are many high-rated recruitment agencies to work with. Why should we hire you?

Our prices and operating costs are lower than other agencies in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. We are experienced end-to-end recruiters, we know and source talent from all over LATAM and the Caribbean.

Why should I hire talent from LATAM?

Talent in LATAM is cheaper than in North America, Europe, and Oceania. Many of them speak English, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German as a second language, so this will be a boost to your business.

I source talent using UpWork, Fiverr, Workana, Freelancer, etc. Why should I work with a recruitment agency to get more talent?

1. Some of these websites have a lot of filters and conditions to sign up freelancers or candidates to offer their services, so you don't get to approach a vast pool of talent from there.

2. In some of these portals, freelancers have to pay a fee to reach more opportunities to bid. Therefore, not everyone can afford it, which leads to a lack of visibility for them.

3. Many of these portals have a lot of competition (up to 50 job seekers or offers per gig), so many of these freelancers get demotivated and become unknown within these portals.

I use LinkedIn Premium to approach any talent I want from all over the region. Again, why should we hire you?

LinkedIn is not the only way to source candidates not everyone is signed in there, has a completed profile, or even gets to read direct messages from you. So, a local recruiter is to help you reach other means to get active and passive job seekers as we can use other regional job portals, groups, and databases, among others.

Is there anything else that I need to know about you?

Yes!, we are a digital consulting company in talent management with 5+ years of experience sourcing talent all across LATAM and the Caribbean. Each of our associates has from 10 up to 35 years of individual experience working in this field with international consulting standards. Also, we are very nice people, easy to work with, with a sense of humor, good communication skills, customer-oriented, and results-driven.

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